Skype Spanish Classes

Skype Spanish Classes
Brief information 
  •  Duration 45 minutes ·
  •  Accessible prices. (it depends on the frequency, amount of people and type of course)
  • Classes “one to one” and for two people ·
  • Payment by Pay – pal. 5 classes are paid in advance
  • Timetable between the 8,30 hs and the 22,30 of Monday to Friday. Saturdays between the 9 hs and the 13 hs and between 16 hs and the 19 hs
  • Levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • Preparation Examinations DELE and UNESCO
  • Courses of E/le with specific aims Social Sciences (20 hours) Gender and migrations (20 hours) Spanish and Recycling (20 hours) E/le and Food (10 hs) Spanish and humor (10 hs)
  • Methodology The linguistics skills are integrated to speak, to listen to, to write and to speak in situations and comunicatives activities and thematic. They are developed into the classes applying the auditory and reading understanding like the production like oral and written expression. Always in the inference of texts in Spanish in sociocultural contexts works. Grammar  and vocabulary explanations with diverse activities.
  • Dynamics of the class of Spanish by skype Before to begin a previous interview is realised to explore the level, the needs and concrete desires of learning of  the student to focus the classes.
  • 1. One begins precise
  • 2. One communicates in the Messenger of skype HELLO
  • 3. The video is abre and the put Messenger is left
  • 4. A book is used according to has been indicated
  • 5. Brief videos and texts for vocabulary, verbal and idiomatic constructions, subjects, etc. are used.
  • 6. Exercises of all type are realised
  • 7. Brief texts are written up
  • 8. The indicated duties are sent by mail
  • 9. Real newspaper materials are added, television, dictionaries, online simultaneously.
  • 10. If computer science difficulties arise recovers the class, if the cancellation of the class is not let know in time, this one is lost otherwise recovers. If you had some doubt, it consults and/or it asks, you do not doubt in doing it.


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